stedman graham

The business mogul shared a video on Instagram of her longtime partner trying his hand at being a barber and he wasn't half bad.
The mogul insisted her longtime partner, who does not have coronavirus, self-quarantine in their guesthouse after he returned from traveling a few weeks ago.
"We’re taking it very seriously,” the media mogul said.
The media mogul joked about wearing the "wrong shoes" after the onstage fall.
Oprah Winfrey, arguably the most powerful woman in the world, and Stedman Graham, boyfriend of the century, are total relationship goals.
“She would absolutely do it," Oprah's longtime partner said in response to pleas for her to run.
There's nothing traditional about her, including her approach to relationships.
Now is the time for leadership, change, improvement, growth and the acceptance of new challenges as they continue to emerge. The differentiator is whether you, your workforce and your constituents are prepared with the skills and mindset to meet these challenges.
She often makes the savory panini for partner Stedman Graham.