Orginally, scientists thought organic compounds in the rock may have been left by living creatures, but the marks were actually caused by salty water.
The film Fifty Shades of Grey is being released on February 13th, just in time for Valentine's Day. Sexual images are everywhere, and often the most awkward conversations involve parents talking to their children about sexual exploration and personal safety.
Steele: GOP 'Asinine" If They Try To Impeach Obama
Former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele said Tuesday he could win a steel cage match against his successor
Former Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele recently reflected on his ouster from the RNC, drawing a Shakespearean
The latest vote counting comes as RNC spokesman Doug Heye, a Steele confidant, announced his plans to leave the committee
WATCH Steele's "idiot" comment: "It's no wonder major donors have been abandoning the RNC in record numbers," Collins said
For different reasons, Martha Coakley and Meg Whitman are the Biggest Losers of 2010. This one isn't going to make me any
RNC Chairman Michael Steele, who earlier announced that he'd be seeking two more years atop the committee, wasted no time
Steele's decision comes at a time when the GOP is resurgent, having recently gained all sorts of seats in local races that too-often go uncovered by the political media. Thing is, no one's really inclined to cut Steele in on the credit.