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Steele: GOP 'Asinine" If They Try To Impeach Obama
That was an obvious shot at Priebus, who called for a 50-state strategy after GOP losses in the 2012 elections. "That's way
And for anyone disappointed to see such a dynamic political character "exit, stage right" last week, don't despair -- Steele
"I think any of the candidates would constitute a serious improvement over Chairman Steele's leadership of the committee
Michael Steele's short temper has turned into a political weapon that's being used against him, as one of his key challengers
In an astonishing three-way tie, we decided to give Most Boring to three out of four of the incoming party leaders in Congress
The embattled chairman certainly appears to have spent a large portion of his nearly two years in office trying to prove
Steele's decision comes at a time when the GOP is resurgent, having recently gained all sorts of seats in local races that too-often go uncovered by the political media. Thing is, no one's really inclined to cut Steele in on the credit.
Hotline On Call says the nature of the decision is a "closely guarded secret" and reports that "even his top advisors, both
RNC Chairman Michael Steele's reelection odds appeared to grow longer Wednesday, as Republican governors met in San Diego
According to RNC insiders, among those whose names are being floated to replace Steele -- or are floating their own names
Steele also appeared to take a strong stance on the recent animosity that has been brewing between establishment Republicans
Steele also described the massive expenditures by conservative third party groups like Karl Rove's American Crossroads as
The coming together of two of the mainstream GOP's most controversial characters could be interesting. Though Sarah Palin
Low RNC donations have Democrats jumping for joy, but their excitement is misplaced. The combination of Michael Steele and Citizens United is creating a paradigm shift in how elections are funded among Republicans.
Now, some might say "Republicans make this sort of attack on Democrats' patriotism whenever a war is questioned, so why shouldn't
Though Steele received sharp criticism from GOP leaders in the wake of his comments on Afghanistan -- including from few
Imagine the impact we could create this 4th of July if we invested the same amount of energy spent snarking at Steele into fighting for the troops, veterans, and military families he slighted.
Steele also accused Obama of "demonizing Iraq while saying the battle really should be in Afghanistan." "The [General] McChrystal