Steele Dossier

Christopher Steele says he thinks the infamous golden showers tape is real -- and shared why he believes Russia hasn't released it.
Twitter wags suggest Katrina Pierson might want to reach out instead to Abraham Lincoln.
Once again, the president goes on a tear after watching Fox News.
The president insisted he didn't spend a night in Moscow. Records show he did.
Cohen is dropping the lawsuits just over a week after being subject to an FBI raid.
Wild new claims lead to a flood of "Late Show" jokes.
New York Daily News comes out swinging over Comey's claim that the president was "obsessed" with the alleged "pee tape."
The opposition research turned up a number of shocking claims. If they're true, it won't matter where the money came from.
If even a portion of the document's claims about Trump and Russia are true, we have a big problem.