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A Republican New Hampshire state senator, Andy Sanborn, laughingly compared Obamacare to the San Francisco plane crash while guest-hosting a radio show on Tuesday.
Sanborn is the latest in a line of New Hampshire state legislators to make surprising comments. Last month, Republican Stella
In the video, Monteith explains that his analysis of photos of Bauman and the bombing scene have led him to conclude that
A New Hampshire state legislator who drew fire for claiming the Boston Marathon bombing was an inside job has resigned from office.
UPDATE: 5:07 p.m. -- The Huffington Post has obtained a copy of Tremblay's resignation letter, which she used to spell out
State Rep. Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn) on Wednesday used her state account to email the entire 424-member state legislature
New Hampshire: A posse you can trust It seems Stella Tremblay, a Republican State Representative from New Hampshire, is determined
Tremblay, a second-term legislator with ties to the tea party and birther movements, made headlines last week when she posted
GOP Lawmaker Defends Outlandish Conspiracy Theory
During the interview with Santilli, Tremblay said she should not get all the credit for linking the government to the bombing
Tremblay faced scrutiny on April 19, when she posted the following conspiracy theory on conservative talk show host Glenn
A NH lawmaker's comment about the Boston Marathon bombings being staged has people asking: How did she get elected? Read
Tuesday, were introduced to New Hampshire state Rep. Stella Tremblay, the big Alex Jones/Glenn Beck fan in her state's House
A spokesman for the New Hampshire Democratic Party, Harrell Kirstein, derided Tremblay's comments and attributed them to
A Republican state legislator in New Hampshire is claiming that the United States government is responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing.
Londonderry Patch reported Tuesday that New Hampshire GOP officials have come out against Tremblay's Facebook post. "Even
A Republican state lawmaker in New Hampshire who has ties to the birther movement drew a bizarre connection between President
State Rep. Stella Tremblay (R-Auburn) sent the email Monday to Secretary of State William Gardner and the 400-member state