stem cell

Here's exactly what happens in this unusual procedure.
They’ve successfully completed a neuron transplant in mice.
Have you heard much science-talk in the presidential debates? Or on the campaign trail? Or maybe in interviews by the leading candidates? Me neither. Yet, nothing is going to change our lives more in the next 10 years than the radical science and technology starting to engulf us.
I am convinced that stem cell research means we Baby Boomers will be the last generation to have to watch our parents die of Alzheimer's or watch our children die prematurely of sickle cell disease. Proposition 71 set this research in motion. Now we have to make sure this research keeps moving forward.
Only 20 patients had been tapped for this spectacular opportunity. My stem cell infusion took place in New York City on a recent frigid winter day, inaugurating the study. I knew a long, thin needle would be inserted into my spinal column and the cells released. I was ready.
Wakayama's co-researcher Haruko Obokata, became an instant celebrity in Japan after she spoke during a Nature media briefing
"But the really intriguing thing to discover will be the mechanism underlying how a low pH shock triggers reprogramming," he
“Twenty years ago only rich people had cell phones," he added. "Now everybody has them.” Apparently the technology is easy
Bonilla's bill easily passed the California Senate (July 1) and the Assembly (Aug. 2), largely on party lines. Bonilla said
Follow Idan's treatment and recovery on Facebook here . "Our insurance plan will likely only pay about half of the transplant