Steny Hoyer

“Blaming and threatening the mediator is not constructive,” the Embassy of Qatar in Washington, D.C., said in a statement.
The powerful lawmaker stepped down from his role as House Majority Leader after the party lost its majority in the last election cycle.
The Colorado Republican was unable to directly answer Rep. Steny Hoyer's repeated questions.
They may have avoided a default on the national debt, but keeping the government open past Sept. 30 is looking tougher.
Nancy Pelosi is 82. Her second-in-command, Steny Hoyer, is 83. Both have agreed that it's time for a new generation to lead Congress. It's been time for years now.
History is still on the side of the GOP, but Rep. Steny Hoyer was feeling confident enough to list races he thought Democrats would win.
Time is running out for a vote, and there's muted opposition from lawmakers who think the restriction is not needed.
Congress could make debt ceiling standoffs a thing of the past.
The Georgia congresswoman is under fire for her incendiary social media posts.
House Democrats and Washington Mayor Muriel Bowser announced a June 26 vote on whether to officially name D.C. the 51st state.