step brothers

Did we just become best friends with John Stamos?
Think of Romney as Dale, played by actor John C. Reilly, more entitled than his new-found half-sibling. And think of Jeb Bush as Brennen, played by Will Ferrell, which is easy given the comedian's facility for impersonating another brother, George W. Bush. Are you following so far?
"Step Brothers" received lukewarm reviews in 2008 but became a modest box office hit, grossing $100 million domestically
Decked out in a black velvet blazer and matching bowtie, Hawthorne was a showman through and through, knowing when to belt out his signature falsetto and when to slow it down and interact with the crowd.
And not in that time slot, but also "The Dana Carvey Show." Artie Lange showed up on stage. Paul Rudd and ... Anne Hathaway
Still, despite the confusion, he's happy for Harrelson. Not so much for the internet, though. The star also spoke to the
Everything Must Go is what a filmed short story should be: compact, deep with character but still contained in its action and settings. It's nice to see Ferrell stretching himself. Time for more of that career yoga, Will.
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Earlier today, "Step Brothers" Director Adam McKay hinted via Twitter that a rap album was in the works. Whether this is