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The iconic ‘Step Up’ power couple announced their separation after nine years of marriage.
Catch a sneak peek of YouTube Red's dance-centric premiere series.
Apparently, the film her parents made together is not a "real movie."
The suspect was allegedly driving around with McCauley's body.
Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan at the LA premiere of "Step Up" on August 7, 2006. Of course, Tatum went on to marry his "Step
Because the world can never have enough "Step Up" movies, the dance franchise released a new trailer for the fifth installment
When someone at work asks you to share your hard-won wisdom with other women employees, do you balk and take yourself out of the game?
I often felt stuck in the notion that I was a bad mother for feeling this way. After all, didn't I have the life every mother would want? How would I ever figure this out when I was a young mom and was guided by what the society I grew up in dictated?
Were you surprised how well "The Proposal" did at the box office? I mean, were you surprised it did that well? It was a huge
These days, it seems like if you've seen one dance movie, you've seen them all. 3D innovations or not, they have really become that formulaic.
This weekend, the fourth movie in the spectacularly successful Step Up franchise opens in theaters and joins a lengthy history of pictures -- which we will loosely call Dance-Off movies -- tackling social justice issues.
Channing Tatum and his wife, actress Jenna Dewan, opened up about their marriage at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Vow