I guess I'm finally reigniting my writing today to question aloud and ask my younger self whether all the strife and anguish
I felt like I'd won the lottery when I was commissioned to paint this piece. Getting paid to do what makes your heart sing is a gift.
You've fallen in love with Mr. Right and are ecstatic about your second chance at romance and happily ever after. Then, reality sets in and you realize you will soon become a stepmom to his children.
For every person gathered at our table this year, someone was missing. Or maybe two someones. Whether they were simply far
We did not ask for our parents to break up. I know that's not entirely fair to you. Because this is your relationship and your life too... but remember, when you signed up to marry my dad, you signed up for us, too.
With time, and plenty of opportunity to move through difficult feelings, your children should find their way toward building lifelong bonds. Meanwhile, slow things down, expect hiccups, and make room for the big feelings that come as tender hearts adjust to changes in life's routines.
Tomorrow you will graduate from elementary school. Tomorrow we will all sit in little folding chairs in the cafeteria, watching proudly as you and your classmates line up and walk onto the stage to receive your diplomas.
Noticing how differently I was behaving with my stepchildren was a giant wake-up call. I needed to be more supportive of Molly and Fiona without being intrusive, to make requests without being so bossy.