"Ohana ‘til the end," the rock icon wrote in reference to the "Aquaman" actor on Instagram.
The Goop founder opened up about her marriage to Brad Falchuk in a new interview.
The retired soccer player got real about being a "bonus mom" to three kids.
My husband and I have been able to help our kids not only see differences, but most importantly, celebrate them.
When your partner doesn’t have kids of his own, it’s important to describe “the good, the bad and the ugly” of parenting.
"Learn to forgive because you’re going to have to do it often."
"[The kids] might not be ready to look at you as 'family,' so don’t rush them."
Stepfamily life is tough. The only thing that is tougher than blending the family is keeping your marriage intact. Statistics vary from a 50% to 75% divorce rate in a marriage where there are children from a prior relationship.
I can spot them from twenty rows away, across the auditorium and out of a room of hundreds of parents filing in and searching for seats at Back to School night.