Stephane Dion

Many leaders were quick to condemn his call for banning Muslims in the United States.
C'est la vie, democracy! "It seems to me that democracy, which some of us care about enough to oh, let me see, die for, has
Jack Layton and Giles Duceppe can be credited for unleashing the political passion of Canadians but they should also pay the price at the polls for plunging Canada into a political crisis.
Just days after it appeared he might become prime minister, Stephane Dion said instead on Monday that he would accelerate
The New York Times reports that the evening before Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper shut down Parliament to ensure
Don't be surprised if election day brings a surprise or two. If Canada -- that liberal bastion -- can vote for a conservative government, so too can America.
Both also support the implementation of a market-based cap-and-trade system, though Harper's proposal would do (very) little
The tag line at the Canadian Conservative Party's website, attacking Liberal party candidate Stephane Dion seems oddly 19th century.