stephanie mills

On a hot mid-August summer weekend in Richmond, Virginia, thousands of music lovers gathered for the seventh annual Richmond Jazz Festival.
I clicked my heels three times and prayed that this year's NBC live musical would be a winner. There is a God! Or in this case, a wizard!
Beyoncé was slaying at the tender age of 8! 😩
NBC's Bob Greenblatt used NBC's Monday morning upfront presentation to announce the first casting for the network's live
The world famous Apollo Theater is an iconic landmark that has been credited with launching a plethora of black entertainers
I have mad love for the way we were taught and trained back in the day. I mean those of us -- like Chaka Khan, Patti LaBelle
Although the series highlights the business and personal struggles that kept each artist from achieving commercial success
I interviewed Sandra Bullock once, and she seemed lovely in every way. I've never met Jesse James, but he increasingly seems like one big schmuck in the worst possible way.