Stephen Breyer

The implications for Roe v. Wade were clear in Justice Stephen Breyer's dissent to a majority decision on Monday.
Liberal and conservative justices are split over recent attempts by two inmates in Alabama and Texas seeking stays on their executions.
The court's conservative wing sided with President Donald Trump's administration.
President Donald Trump will nominate another Supreme Court justice now that Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement.
The Supreme Court curbed the ability of immigrants held in long-term detention during deportation proceedings to argue for their release.
A potentially landmark case before the justices could dramatically weaken workers' collective power.
At an event for first-year law students at Georgetown University, the Supreme Court justice also predicted that the upcoming term would be "momentous."
But proving that banks' misconduct harmed the cities directly will be an uphill battle.
Controversy over President Trump’s first 100 days is raging, with many analysts maintaining that the president has achieved
Chief Justice John Roberts led the charge against a government position that could cast doubt on the citizenship status of countless Americans.
When he was presiding over a case at the Supreme Court.
It looks like the Supreme Court is back to where it was on the death penalty when Justice Antonin Scalia was alive.