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Consumer groups, however, have lined up in opposition to the bill, including The National Manufactured Home Owners Association
A GOP staffer has been forced to resign after launching a verbal assault on Malia and Sasha Obama in the wake of their appearance at their father’s annual turkey pardoning ceremony at the White House.
A Republican staffer on Friday apologized for a Facebook post that criticized Malia and Sasha Obama's appearance at the annual
Tennessee Rep. Steve Fincher (R) defeated Democrat Wes Bradley on Tuesday. Fincher and Bradley were fighting to represent
Less than a century ago, in 1920, Tennessee lawmakers ratified the 19th Amendment that allowed American women the right to vote in federal elections. The current drive by Republicans and corporate allies to uproot safeguards for privacy and women's rights undermines that legacy.
In an interview with Mother Jones, Brown said his primary goal as governor would be to "put the Bible back in school." Brown
Sterling's comments are not unlike Cliven Bundy's recent musings. Bundy, the Nevada rancher who owes more than a million dollars in federal grazing fees wondered aloud if blacks might have been better off as slaves "picking cotton and having a family life and doing things."
Taken all together, this leaves Americans more pessimistic about what was once a top American source of pride: the potential
This time around, I pay homage to high school yearbooks and take a look back at the year in food and nutrition via superlatives. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you... the class of 2013.
As Congress mulls further steps to cut food stamps, it is odd that Christian conservatives seem to be at the front of the charge.