Stephen Heymann

A Justice Department spokesman did not immediately respond to a request for comment Wednesday. Issa asked Holder to set up
Swartz committed suicide earlier this year as he was fighting federal computer crimes charges for downloading thousands of
MIT was at the center of the criminal case against Swartz, who had campaigned against Internet censorship. He was charged
Ortiz, a potential candidate for Massachusetts governor or the federal judiciary prior to Swartz's January suicide, has come
Heymann referred questions about the evidence handoff to a spokesperson, who referred the question to the main DOJ office
Heymann is a head of the cybercrime unit at the Massachusetts U.S. Attorney's Office and led the successful prosecution in
A proposal to upgrade the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act from Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-Calif.) has garnered attention from Internet
"Mr. Swartz was, among other things, a brilliant technologist and a committed activist for the causes in which he believed
The unscientific poll of 35 professors, which was taken in July 2011, showed divisions over the case, with most saying they
"Her account of her behavior is completely empty," said Harvard University Law School professor Lawrence Lessig, an intellectual