stephen moore

It's going to be a "really tight" race, right-wing economist Stephen Moore told an audience earlier this month.
"Why don’t we just put everybody in a space outfit or something like that?" asked Stephen Moore.
Trump didn't comment on the comparison but said he agrees that there is "injustice" concerning the COVID-19 safety measures.
The economic pundit repeatedly made the shocking comparison as right-wing protesters railed against social distancing measures meant to save lives.
An ex-Trump adviser went after California Governor Gavin Newsom after he. declared a lockdown in California in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic
Stephen Moore asked Fox News' Laura Ingraham if California's statewide coronavirus order is really worth the economic damage it will cause.
Stephen Moore says Trump might say things that are untrue, but that doesn't make them lies.
Moore withdrew from consideration for a spot on the Federal Reserve Board following the resurfacing of his racist and sexist remarks.
Republican senators spoke out against Trump's controversial pick earlier this week.