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Is self-loathing -- or at least stark, scathing self-criticism -- a required personality trait for novelists? Well, it's certainly a useful tool for probing the depths of human possibility. Here are ten examples of bestselling novels whose characters struggle with low self-esteem.
12. "Coming of Age" - Foster the People 11. "Take Me to Church" - Hozier 10. "Lounge Fly" - Stone Temple Pilots 9. "Thunder
Meyer also admits that she's a major Hunger Games fan. She relates that she read the first book at the very beginning and
Twilight saga author Stephenie Meyer joined "Austenland" director Jerusha Hess on HuffPost Live this morning to talk about
Before Oprah hosted a talk show that dominated daytime TV for 25 years and became the queen of her own media empire, she
With "The Host" out on Friday, HuffPost Entertainment spoke to Ronan about her new film, why she'd be extra excited for a
Andrew Niccol's film of The Host starts so well that, when it suddenly slows to a crawl 20 minutes later, your impulse is to give it some slack -- to let it find its feet and get back on track. Unfortunately, it never does.
Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's on and off-screen romance has taken the world by storm. "Here's the thing: there are
"The Host" hits theaters on March 29 -- take a look at the poster below. For "Twilight" fans who have been mourning the end
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Twilight University said they needed new blood, so our heroine took the job.
Presumably to Pattinson's great relief, the final "Twilight" movie, "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part Two," premiered