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The family unit in America has eroded over the last 20 years. Today, families eat alone, rush to and from children's schedules, think about work during family dinners, disregard formal manners, sleep irregular hours, yell, berate each other and above all else, DO NOT communicate.
Parents -- your kids are going to eventually develop the good sense to wear a jacket and eat vegetables, invest your energy in how they interact within society. If we insist on being the hovering Helicopter Parent Generation, let's at least hover in the right places.
"It seemed like a lot of work in the early years but it was worth it."
I want for my sons and stepsons this holiday what I want for all of us: peace on earth, goodwill toward others, respectful tolerance of each other's differences. That said. In addition to those humble and noble things, I want some other things for them and from them.
"Like -- or love -- does not happen in any specific timeframe."
"I always try to remember that they did not sign up for any of this, including another parent telling them what to do!"
Then my ex met her new partner. They were married in New York a few years ago and my ex's new wife actually bought the house
What would you say are some of the biggest challenges of stepfamily life in general? In our case, I am the mother of all
Below, Melissa tells us what she's learned from raising her own blended family over the last eight years. Hi Melissa. Please
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"We could no longer bear to see our son Trevor so upset. He was this little boy that didn't ask for any of this," Kerri told
I really thought I knew exactly how ill-fated these relationships were. But then I met my ex-husband, and he had a great relationship with his stepfather. Apparently, it was possible to happily coexist after all.
Lastly, a stepchild sometimes gets four parents! When all is working symbiotically, the child has more of everything! Most
"It took time but we've definitely made progress as a stepfamily," she told The Huffington Post. Even though I don’t live
Below, Fan tells us more about the couple's boys and what's gone into bringing their two families together. How long have
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