Remember that every specific competitive advantage is temporary - every product or service becomes a commodity over time
Get the focus off you and enter Thanksgiving dinner armed with questions for the people you'll see. You'll likely discover
Only someone who needs to get over their 'self ' writes a book entitled, Get Over Your Self, and just like everyone else, I need to live with my choices instead of inside of my reactions, but how do we actually do that? One page at a time.
With the help of a Time magazine article on fighting bipolar disorder, depression, and all the other symptoms of my disease, I formed a mental health plan. Both for staying on an even keel and for staying here during the worst of times.
Step 1: Think about your brand. Your brand is what people will come to associate you with. In this way, your story needs
In a way, these half-written blogs and unfinished reflections sum up the past six months pretty well: a collection of emotions and experiences with few clear ends or answers, with dangling ellipses and uncertain next chapters.
What is it about stairs that draws us to photograph them? People have always had a fascination with steps not only because
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I'm not sure about you, but I have a hard time deciding what category I fall into as a mom. There is the crunchy mommy, the helicopter mommy, the tiger mom, and the free range mommy, etc.
To acknowledge imperfections, some of us have to confront our idealized image, a narcissistic view of the self that dictates we must be perfect. In this case, a mistake and the need to apologize, can be experienced as like a blemish that needs to be hidden.
These 5 steps can help you achieve your goals.
This Chicken Soup For The Soul Moment captures one of life's most special moments... a baby's first steps! One day they are crawling and the next they decide they are ready. They pull themselves up and make that first move.
With practice we can learn that fighting the waves of emotion does not serve us and we are more able to mindfully choose the most effective responses to the tides of life.
Remember that the greatest gift that you can give to your loved ones is your own happiness, and you won't have much of that to give if you're feeling stressed out. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind and practice self-care by checking in.
While this list may not be seen as complete by everyone, it provides a good "starter kit" that identifies many of the areas of life that need to be fulfilled in order for us to experience a high-level of balance and well-being in life.
To help you count down to your favorite day of the whole year, we've teamed up with our friends at Netflix. It can be a bumpy
As I began to implement the new health and wellness plan for myself, I quickly gained confidence and realized that I could do this! The fitness plan was something I could sustain -- it was simple, in fact. All it required me to do was take 10,000 steps or more a day.