The vice president's stair workout had a Secret Service agent hustling to keep up.
10,000 steps a day is a trendy goal. We humans like big, round numbers like that. They feel right. But does taking 10,000 steps a day really have anything to do with good health? We should resist the urge to latch onto the big, round, trendy number and instead aim to lead an active life filled with a variety of activities.
Assess your innovation culture regularly. In a large organization, online surveys and questionnaires are helpful. It's always
When you are one of the people being focused on it can be a struggle to communicate the success you think they need to hear
Only someone who needs to get over their 'self ' writes a book entitled, Get Over Your Self, and just like everyone else, I need to live with my choices instead of inside of my reactions, but how do we actually do that? One page at a time.
With the help of a Time magazine article on fighting bipolar disorder, depression, and all the other symptoms of my disease, I formed a mental health plan. Both for staying on an even keel and for staying here during the worst of times.
Take some time to explore your defining moments and write them down. How do they show how you are uniquely positioned to
In a way, these half-written blogs and unfinished reflections sum up the past six months pretty well: a collection of emotions and experiences with few clear ends or answers, with dangling ellipses and uncertain next chapters.
What is it about stairs that draws us to photograph them? People have always had a fascination with steps not only because