At the beginning of 2016, I took stock of 40+ years of talking about the childfree choice. As we near the end of this year, I'd like to do the same just for this past year, and this time widen the discussion a bit. What positive trends have we seen this past year? Here are six.
"I thought I would have up to five kids ... But it would be crazy to fall pregnant now."
Sod's law. I'm well acquainted with the law of Sod, whoever he is. Just when you think something is OK and dare you happen to mention it publicly then along comes Sod and bites you on the arse.
As Holly's plight garnered more publicity the judgemental and quite frankly heinous comments began. Not every woman wants
The human rights group says policies in Latin America and the Caribbean are fueling violence against women.
Mercy Medical Center denied one woman's request to be sterilized after giving birth.
Nearly six months ago, 16 women died - and scores more were hospitalized - after undergoing sterilization procedures in Chhattisgarh, India. Myriad factors contributed to this tragedy, including unsanitary conditions, potentially tainted drugs, clinic staff that was both overworked and under-qualified, and apathy from the health system as well as doctors and nurses.
"Women are not informed about the choices in contraception they have. It's their right to know that other methods exist," Sona
Congress followed up their recent five-week vacation with almost two whole weeks of actually doing their jobs, so to reward themselves they're now going to take off on another vacation. Until mid-November.
Instead of monitoring the company's studies, unfortunately, the FDA has defended them. While the NBC investigative reporters
The recent revelation that 148 female prisoners in two California institutions were sterilized between 2006 and 2010 is another example of the state's long history of reproductive injustice and the ongoing legacy of eugenics.
It is heartbreaking and shocking to learn that even today, in a liberal state, American women continue to be denied their fundamental human right to decide whether or not to have children again.
Not every method is right for every woman. A variety of options must be available for each woman to find the best fit for
The PETA press release continues thus: (Credit: PETA) As the Daily Mail notes, Banghard appears to have been an especially
Thank goodness Mississippi voters -- as have voters in every other state where this issue has appeared on the ballot -- put the rights of women above the "rights" of fertilized eggs. But how soon until a state does restrict birth control?
HISTORY OF COMPLAINTS Summing up the violations and concerns, one state inspector in 2004 recommended the company be given
All good drama requires the audience to suspend disbelief and go along with fiction. So doing is often the only path to the