Steroids In Sports

These players and their fans demand a plaque in Cooperstown, NY (a museum that they are already a part of) which says "Hall-of-Fame" next to the words integrity, character and sportsmanship.
"She was dead. Her brain was dead. I cried my eyes out."
Texas' high school steroid testing program was supposed to be a model for the nation. Now, Don Hooton fears it taught us all the wrong lessons.
As team mom for both my kids' teams, I was constantly spouting lessons about success only being achieved by hard work and practice. But, as we watched big-name player after big-name player face accusations of PED use -- with few consequences -- I could see I was losing my audience.
h/t MSN Bilonog's drug of choice, the banned oxandrolone metabolite, apparently couldn't be revealed in his system through
Despite being suspended for 50 games due to a violation of Major League Baseball's Joint Drug Treatment And Prevention Program
Dwain Chambers, the controversial sprinter who once broke the rules by taking the same drug that prosecutors claimed helped Barry Bonds slam homers, has struck a mighty blow for fairness.
What are the implications of the jury decision that Barry Bonds had obstructed justice but was not found guilty of perjuring himself before a grand jury?