Stevan Riley

Stevan Riley's "Listen to Me, Marlon," like its subject, is a bit unwieldy, cerebral, and at times pock-marked by bouts of profound sadness. And yet, it is difficult to take your eyes off of.
Stevan Riley's achievement in making a biopic about a great subject, Marlon Brando, who, despite having died in 2004, nevertheless comes fully alive in his own voice. Brando's life was complicated.
"Listen To Me Marlon" tells the icon's story in his own words.
The director of the new doc on how he came to know the mysterious star.
Half the struggle in documentary filmmaking is finding the right material. The other half is figuring out what to do with
Craig Zobel's Z for Zachariah is a post -apocalyptic love triangle that is haunting and lovely -- a distinct change of pace from Zobel's last film, the chillingly neon-lit Compliance.