Steve Bullock

In 2003, Rick Ridder helped launch Howard Dean. Sixteen years later, his daughter, Jennifer, hopes to do the same for Steve Bullock.
The senator said his fellow Montana Democrat could put “politics aside” and bring the country together.
David Bernhardt’s apathy about the global crisis has become fuel for Democrats, including a few running for president.
The Democratic governor joins a crowded field of more than 20 candidates aiming to beat Trump in the race for president.
Montana Gov. Steve Bullock (D) thinks he can beat President Donald Trump in the 2020 presidential election after winning reelection in his deep red state.
He won re-election in a state Trump carried by 20 points. But he's not yet a household name.
"We can't wait for folks in Washington to come to their senses," says Montana Gov. Steve Bullock.
The GOP fears a mail-in ballot would favor a Democrat in the special election for a Trump appointee's old House seat.
If the initiative passes, this is a big deal, not only because Montana has a lot of public lands--one third of the state or 50,000 square miles--and a long trapping tradition, but it will punctuate the growing shift to keeping state public lands safer for everybody.