Steve Davis

A few hundred cases of the paralytic disease are still diagnosed each year, mostly in rural areas of Pakistan.
PATH President and CEO Steve Davis stopped by HuffPost Live at Davos on Saturday to share how he and others are working to
On Tuesday morning, a brain surgeon in Birmingham, Ala., walked six miles through a severe snow storm to save a patient's life. He joins HuffPost Live to discuss his heroic actions.
"Without the surgery, the patient would have most likely died," Davis told Davis told The Huffington Post that both
"Now, 4.5 billion units of vaccines that go out from UNICEF have that on there," Davis said. "It's like, a very simple idea
Davis, for his part, is trying to think of that really good idea. Davis knew the stakes were high, given the originality
In another lifetime, I was chief marketing officer for Dewey & LeBoeuf's predecessor, LeBoeuf Lamb. I was fired by a key player in today's drama back in 2007.
The Help Group and Hasbro Studios joined together on Thursday to welcome a brand new Boundless Playground designed specifically