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"Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin's daughter is set to marry longtime boyfriend Chandler Powell next year.
The MLB team said it was sorry for the “regrettable exchange."
The daughter of "The Crocodile Hunter" also says he would be "incredibly proud" of her brother, who will walk her down the aisle.
The animal educator met her fiancée, Chandler Powell, in 2013 when he visited the Australia Zoo.
The company collaborated with the Irwin family to create a sweet slideshow that gives a glimpse into the beloved wildlife conservationist’s adventurous life.
The widow of the "Crocodile Hunter" star opened up about his death in a revealing new interview.
The famed Australian wildlife expert was honored more than a decade after he died filming an underwater documentary.
The teen was inspired by his dad, who always carried a camera while traveling.
The man didn't pull it out himself because of what happened to Steve Irwin.
Thirteen-year-old Robert Irwin has the same unbridled passion for animals as his father.