steve kerr

"I love how I’m always checking and rechecking I didn’t get duped by a parody account," one person fired back on Twitter.
He also has some advice for the eventual 2020 Democratic nominee.
The Warriors coach's comments and "Vote for our Lives" T-shirt urge stricter gun laws in the wake of last week's Virginia Beach mass shooting.
“We’re going to have a moment of silence," the Golden State Warriors coach said. “We had one last week. We're probably going to have one next week."
"Nobody in this country should have a semiautomatic weapon of war," the outspoken Golden State Warriors coach said.
Forbidding players to take a knee during the national anthem is “idiotic,” the coach said.
“We’re not going to politicize anything. We’re going to hang out with some kids."
Steve Kerr urged the president not to divide Americans by belittling those who protest in good faith.
Kerr originally suffered from complications in 2015, but his problems did not stop there.