steve martin

The "Father of the Bride" star thanked science and the "smooth as silk" process but couldn't resist a dig at his age.
The comedian took the Academy Awards stage with Chris Rock, jabbing at the Oscars' lack of diversity, Jeff Bezos, and more.
Twitter users -- including Rep. Eric Swalwell -- reminded the GOP senator of his NSFW gaffe.
The gag is all about the obsession that Donald Trump's longtime associate has with Richard Nixon.
And Kate McKinnon's Wilbur Ross suggests federal workers just "liquidate some of their stocks."
MR: One of the songs on your EP, “Straight Razor,” has a video release this week. Do you have any stories about the clip's
Let me begin by acknowledging that women have much to complain about the manner in which men relate to them regarding their
Martin was criticized for a sexist tweet following the actress' death.