steve mccurry

I suppose, I am an accidental filmmaker. For it was by sheer accident that bored of making sales calls in New Delhi, I called up the offices of National Geographic, asking for a job on a Friday and started working with them a week later.
"My life is shaped by the urgent need to wander and observe, and my camera is my passport."
International Ramadan Photography Competition is a unique and unprecedented 30-day visual celebration that aims to educate and enlighten millions of viewers around the world about the holy month of Ramadan through the art of photography.
For over three decades, Steve McCurry has traveled the globe capturing unseen conflict with his astounding images of war-torn Afghanistan and Iraq. His storied career has produced an incredible wealth of genuinely humbling images.
Instead of the calendar that we often come to expect, featuring artistic nudes, Pirelli and McCurry opted for a less expected route. They chose, instead, to feature eleven women fully clothed -- all of who work on environmental and humanitarian causes.
Steve McCurry's photographs are nothing short of iconic, evidenced by his 1985 image of a green-eyed Afghan girl that graced
Something's really different about the new Pirelli Calendar...
Here's a foolproof way to sell a book of photographs: reconceptualize the best ones in the world. That's what photographer
This was a week of discovery at HuffPost Arts; we were wowed by the ancient statue of Hercules unearthed in Northern Israel