Steve Perry

"I needed to get out. It wasn’t easy to keep walking," the singer said about leaving music.
It’s been hard for me to face the whole story explaining why my fellow Oklahomans have embraced Trumpism in general and, too
Back hanging with those guys with the new record that we did Santana IV, it sounds like we just took off where we left off
Only rarely have I seen a fan ask the star anything about the star's life, or even about their work, and if they do, it is often just a pretext to then start talking about what the fan really wants to talk about -- themselves.
Sean Combs Last year, Mr. Combs was arrested on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon -- a kettlebell -- after an altercation
Conversely, a dream killer will methodically deconstruct the dream, and, depending on the vulnerability of the dreamer, kill
Cool News Department We all know by now Converse is more than a sweet pair of Chuck Taylors. Taking it up a notch, Converse
Here are a few nuggets of wisdom from the world-renowned motivational speakers, celebrities and executives that participated in the event.
Jaimoe: You go in, and it's "Hey man, I've got this song, let's try it here. I heard it on the radio the other day and it goes similar to this." [hums tune] You relate to that like bouncing a ball against the wall. The ball comes back, but it's not going to come straight back at you
Neal Schon: "Journey is more about well-crafted songs and well recorded and produced songs, and I think that what I enjoy about my solo songs is that I'm sort of more of a painter with a blank canvas and a bunch of paints and materials to work with and I kind of throw everything on there and see how it lands."