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The New Jersey senator has publicly disavowed support from super PACs.
A prominent Democratic donor is launching a super PAC supporting Booker’s presidential bid.
At a time when we're being assaulted by new levels of hate, intolerance, and bigotry in our political campaigns, an important new book, Brown is the New White: How the Demographic Revolution Has Created a New American Majority, points the way toward a more inclusive, just, and fair society.
Far too many pundits in this country claim we need more moderate politicians, which to them means some kind of carefully calibrated average of two extreme positions.
Today, the day after my old home state definitively showed how closely divided Democrats are in this choice, my advice is going to be to my old boss Hillary: The way you win this primary, and the general election afterward, is to be bold and embrace your inner Bernie.
Steve Phillips, former New York Mets general manager and ex-ESPN analyst weighed in on the steroid era in Major League Baseball
The Mets do not need another easy going, laid back manager who will always be calm and collected no matter how bad things get. They need someone with fire and aggression.
Brooke Hundley, who is suing ESPN after being fired over her affair with baseball analyst Steve Phillips, gave an interview
Brooke Hundley, the ESPN production assistant who had an affair with Steve Phillips and then sent a letter to his wife detailing