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Graham, who is the daughter of Democrat Bob Graham, Florida's popular former governor and senator, had attacked Southerland
Immigration: Do you support the D.R.E.A.M. Act, which would allow children brought into the country illegally to achieve
Congress followed up their recent five-week vacation with almost two whole weeks of actually doing their jobs, so to reward themselves they're now going to take off on another vacation. Until mid-November.
"I live with five women. That's all I'm saying. I live with five women," Southerland said. "Listen: Has Gwen Graham ever
Wetlands improve water quality by filtering out pollutants. Wetlands buffer against flooding and provide crucial habitat for birds and other wildlife. All of these benefits support local economies. But these marshy wonderlands are being destroyed faster than they can be restored.
The representative has previously said he voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act in a television ad without
Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.), who faces a strong challenge from Democrat Gwen Graham, released a new ad Friday in which
BLUE DOG BATTLEGROUND Gwen Graham, with $2.6 million in campaign funding, has outraised incumbent U.S. Representative Steve
Predictably, recent celebrations of the anniversary of the War on Poverty, votes to extend unemployment insurance, discussions
Utah Republican Mia Love narrowly lost her 2012 bid to defeat Democratic Rep. Jim Matheson in one of the few districts represented
The ad also lambastes Southerland for saying his $174,000 salary is "not so much." “I had no choice but to oppose Senator
WASHINGTON -- When reports surfaced that House Republicans sang "Amazing Grace" during a Tuesday morning meeting, Rep. Gerry Connolly (D-Va.) responded with a laugh.
Still, House Republicans leaving the meeting were pleased with their singing abilities. Rep. Steve Southerland (R-Fla.) took
WASHINGTON -- House Majority PAC, one of the largest Democratic super PACs, on Thursday launched a television- and online
When Barbara DeVane, a retired teacher and longtime political activist who was apparently unsatisfied with Southerland's
WASHINGTON -- Embattled Rep. Scott DesJarlais (R-Tenn.) is facing better-funded primary challengers and hasn't got much money
Many of these targeted candidates won their 2012 election by a thin margin. The most vulnerable, based on their 2012 performance
House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), who was on the privately-funded trip but not involved in the late-night swim, was
The FBI probed a late-night swim in the Sea of Galilee that involved drinking, numerous GOP freshmen lawmakers, top leadership
Southerland’s comments are similar to what Rep. Sean Duffy (R-Wis.) said at his own town hall meeting in March when he complained