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Actor Bryton James opens up about working with Jaleel White and how Urkel "saved the show."
"I'm dead serious," White told host Josh Zepps. "He came to the set one time. He was like, 'You've created a nightmare for
This year marked the 25th anniversary of the debut of "Family Matters," which must be why so many people seem to have Steve
The Lucas Bros. were most recently seen in "22 Jump Street," and both Barnett and Fowler were previously featured on HuffPost
"Family Matters" signed off 15 years ago today -- the series finale aired on July 17, 1998 after nine seasons, most of which
While Marvel and DC fight it out in Hollywood over who can create the best universe for their heroes, maybe they should look back to the '90s to see how it's done.
We picked three properties from the shows and ran some numbers to see if the TV families would be able to afford their homes in today's markets, based on the houses used for the show settings.