Steven Crowder

Crowder complained that an unnamed right-wing media company sent him an “immoral” deal. Then the company’s co-founders fired back publicly.
Susan Wojcicki said being hurtful "wasn’t our intention at all."
The video giant is accused of profiting off pedophilia and homophobic bigotry.
The Texas Republican tweeted in defense of Steven Crowder, whose slur-filled videos sparked a harassment campaign against Vox journalist Carlos Maza.
The website's decision not to enforce its harassment rules against YouTuber Steven Crowder isn't a great sign.
The social media giant previously told Vox's Carlos Maza that "deeply offensive" opinions don't violate its anti-harassment policies.
Calling Vox video producer Carlos Maza a "lispy queer" is "funny and this is a comedy show," Crowder said in his latest video.
YouTube claims to have no tolerance for hate speech or cyberbullying, but Carlos Maza doesn't buy it.