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The state desperately needs this investigation -- to find out who may be wrongly in prison (or still awaiting execution) because
In the past, Hayne and prosecutors also have employed a manipulative use of hypotheticals. A prosecutor will ask Hayne if
Steven Hayne and Michael West have been serving as expert witnesses in the courtrooms of Mississippi (and to a lesser degree
In 2001, Arizona defense attorney Christopher Plourd tricked West into matching crime scene photos of a bite mark left on
West Examines Haley Oliveaux (GRAPHIC)
All you need to know about the problem down there can be summed up in these two paragraphs: Between the late 1980s and the
Regular readers will recognize the name, and that this is another case involving the disgraced medical examiner Steven Hayne
It shouldn't be up for debate that the experts who are allowed to testify in Shaken Baby Syndrome cases must be qualified, accredited and meet a minimum set of standards with respect to their practices, methods and professionalism.
From this video, West testified that he could see two separate figures entering and leaving the frame, that they were wearing