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Over the last four decades, Mississippi has persisted in condoning systemic medico-legal and forensic malfeasance, and, more
The Mississippi Supreme Court has thrown out the testimony of the prolific and controversial medical examiner Steven Hayne
Steven Hayne and Michael West have been serving as expert witnesses in the courtrooms of Mississippi (and to a lesser degree
The murder set the entire community on edge. "You might see someone getting shot after an argument or something, but even
West Examines Haley Oliveaux (GRAPHIC)
I've been reporting on the unfolding criminal justice disaster in Mississippi involving Steven Hayne and Michael West for
Drip, drip, drip. And the spigot's still loose. Stay tuned for more. Of course, if officials in Mississippi had any shame
It shouldn't be up for debate that the experts who are allowed to testify in Shaken Baby Syndrome cases must be qualified, accredited and meet a minimum set of standards with respect to their practices, methods and professionalism.
"He says he's the only one who can see these marks," Bowers said. "And that when he pushes the cast into the skin, he says