steven hill

Fictional prosecutor Adam Schiff, played by actor Steven Hill on the long-running television series “Law & Order,” was modeled after Morgenthau.
Many hipsters and "new tech" enthusiasts are enraptured by the so-called "sharing economy" and its leading companies, such as Airbnb, Uber and Lyft. If you really believe that these companies have anything to do with "sharing," then you really need to see Company Town.
So simply making the payroll contribution more fair and equal by requiring all income levels to contribute at the same rate
He was best known for playing District Attorney Adam Schiff on the hit TV show "Law & Order."
In 1961 he appeared in the play A Far Country, and he later said that one line in that play, where a character screams at
Two obvious themes dominated the evening: coping with grief and struggling with relationships. Sometimes examining such topics in a terse 10-minute play helps to keep playwrights focused on telling their stories within a tight time frame. With a simple unit set designed by Ellen Chesnut, the following plays proved to be especially moving.
A battle royal is looming for June 2016 in a federal courtroom in San Francisco. The combatants? Uber versus its drivers.
The clear and simple truth is that Airbnb has drifted very far from its origins, and is no longer simply a platform of "regular people" hosts. It has morphed into a giant loophole for professional real estate operatives.
The gig economy is just one sub domain of what is happening more broadly to the workforce, including just-in-time scheduling and other disruptions to the labor markets, whether as a result of the gig economy, automation and robots, artificial intelligence and other factors.