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The secretary of state attempted to assure reporters he wasn't blindsided by the former national security adviser's abrupt firing.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin is the one who's been slow, they tell a federal court.
Democrats held a press conference to urge Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin to fulfill plans to put abolitionist Harriet Tubman on the $20 note.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said last month the new bill had been delayed until 2026, frustrating those hoping it would be unveiled this year.
"Extensive work was well underway” on the design when the Treasury secretary said it wouldn’t be distributed until 2028, The New York Times reported.
The actress addressed her past controversies in a new interview. She also explained why she won't publicly criticize the Trump administration's anti-LGBTQ agenda.
Behold, the many ways Donald Trump has bent the agency to his will.
The two tore into the treasury secretary for profiting from Sears' bankruptcy as a board member of the company.
Mnuchin said he's too focused on counterfeiting to celebrate an African American woman's contributions to the country. That argument doesn't make sense.
Federal law says Congress can have the documents. Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin says no.
The Treasury secretary previously said he'd be happy to give Congress details on the process.
Republicans once sought community group ACORN's tax information using the same law Democrats now cite to see Donald Trump's tax returns.
It will be up to courts to force the administration to comply with the law and allow the president's tax returns to be released to Congress.
The administration already seems to be flouting the law. This sucker will probably go to court.
Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin said he needs to consult with the Justice Department before he'll comply with a legal request for President Donald Trump's tax information.
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin tried to mansplain Rep. Maxine Waters (D-C.A.) during a committee hearing. It didn’t go well for him.
The treasury secretary was clearly not prepared to deal with someone as savvy as the House Financial Services Committee chair.
The treasury secretary suggested Democrats are out of line in their request for Trump's personal information.
After he was nominated as treasury secretary, he transferred film company holdings to his fiancée, whom he married a month later.
The House Ways and Means Committee asked the IRS for five years of President Trump's tax returns.