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Who knew? President Franklin Roosevelt's family wealth came from his maternal grandfather, Warren Delano, whose fortune was
Maisie Williams may have struggled to become "no one" in Season 5 of "Game of Thrones," but in "Doctor Who" she is definitely
I can't even comment on the Santa Claus thing, I don't think my brain has the capacity to foresee how Moffat will make explain
With all the shade I've thrown at Steven Moffat during his reign as the Doctor Who show runner, one thing I can't hate on
Unlike the companions of the past, Clara doesn't just play second fiddle to The Doctor -- she doesn't just gush over his
I found it interesting that we saw Clara's face on Missy's iPad from nearly the same angle that we saw The Doctor looking
The strongest part of 'Mummy On The Orient Express' is that it makes The Doctor a center of the narrative again. For the
Personally, I fall somewhere in between those two notions. I respect Capaldi's portrayal of The Doctor. The Time Lord's internal
All in all this Doctor is shaping up to be an extremely flawed hero, we'll have to wait and see how his bond with his companion
The major issue with this episode boils down to lack or originality. The story lines that have been explored by the show
That is The Doctor's true fear, being alone as all those he loves fade away around him. An exchange between 11th and Amy
Things That Didn't Work I am a fan of Mark Gatiss. His writing on Sherlock strikes just the right balance between emotion
Whether all these figures are anti-heroes, or in some cases something else entirely, is an interesting question. As is the question of why anti-heroes are so important in quality television. Short form answer is that they match the times. It's a mostly cynical and sour era, with little faith in institutions or, generally speaking, leaders.
Having an older man step into the Doctor's shoes was supposed to eliminate the forced romantic tensions that dominated so
Series 8 Story Arc We'll likely be seeing more on Doctor's struggle with moral ambiguity, especially if the "Paradise" sequence
In a recent interview with Steven Moffat, the executive producer of "Doctor Who" and "Sherlock," told the BBC that all of
One bit of good news is that "Sherlock" has already been renewed for Seasons 4 and 5, and Moffat hopes that the series will
Cumberbatch also addressed the nonexistent rivalry between the two actors playing the same detective, "No matter what bulls