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It’s Time To Stop Resisting the Creative You Creativity emerges the moment your imagination awakens and you feel joy doing
9 Important Traits for Activating your Ability to Thrive If there’s one resounding theme in life, it’s that change is certain
Traffic was heavy and I still had 35 minutes before reaching the gym, located 15 miles PAST my house. The mental chattered
Thousands of American millennials will graduate from college this month. I am one of them. Many of my peers have secured jobs for themselves. I have not. As millennials begin to explore new opportunities, some important lessons come to mind.
Let's not over-complicate, over-discuss this too much. People spend years thinking and planning and talking but rarely doing.
We either have the lives we want -- the body, the career, the friends, the work-life balance, the fun adventures we crave, or we have excuses as to why we do not have these things. And the hard truth about excuses is that they mean nothing.
Most recently, I've had my life completely wrecked by a book. I warn you now, dear reader, should you decide to read any further, you may find your life irrevocably changed as well.
In whatever you're doing, model Taylor and don't stop moving. Don't let the mean people take a second of your time. Focus it on the great work you're doing and the things you're pursuing, and then focus on doing them really well.
My truth: I believe that my intentions and your intentions (whatever they may be) are absolutely possible IF we simply take
What I have here for you today is a curation of some of the books that have most impacted my life, changed me for the better and radically improved my quality of living. I feel sometimes like reading is cheating -- I get to learn from everyone else and use their experiences to drastically better my life.
Once upon a time I wrote a book about a Vietnam veteran. I was in foreign territory, all right. I knew very little about war, weapons, world history, world geography, and almost anything else that would've helped me translate this man's experience to the printed page.
Bestselling author Steven Pressfield begins his definition of God by admitting how even he has trouble finding the right
"In my experience, you absolutely can't," Pressfield says. "Resistance, to me, is like a force of nature." "I have a rule
In his new book, The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles, Pressfield writes what he
"That’s the job," Oprah says. "So if there is a calling," Pressfield says, "That thing that you are afraid of, whatever it
It is the most toxic force on the planet. It is the root of more unhappiness than poverty, disease and erectile dysfunction
"Everybody has a flow or a zone in their life. Joseph Campbell called it 'following your bliss,'" Oprah says. To do that
Creative Block. We've all had it. I'm trying to work through it as I write this sentence -- negative thoughts, distractions, rationalizations, avoidance and procrastination all dance before me, trying to get me to do anything but write.
Here's what's on our radar this week--everything from great summer reads to important human rights issues that we thought