steven salaita

Was Steven Salaita's firing an isolated incident that seems to have partially backfired, or was it a trial balloon for ridding our nation's campuses of anti-occupation professors and groups?
Here's some advice for students who value intellectual safety over intellectual freedom: Check out the University of Illinois, which over the past 15 months has spent over two million dollars to keep the innocent young minds of its students safe from the "anti-Semitic" ideas and "uncivil" expression of Steven Salaita.
Steven Salaita is absolutely right to say that the University of Illinois's "actions threaten principles of free speech, academic freedom, and critical thought that should be the foundation of any university." It is just that he and his friends in the boycott community are doing exactly the same thing for the same bad reasons.
One of the main purposes of the academy is to encourage educated dialogue and debate, especially with those you disagree with. In this ideologically driven world, it is one of the only places left where intelligent dialogue is supposed to flourish.
"Like any American citizen, I have the right to express my opinion on pressing human rights concerns, including Israeli government
The dissenting vote was by trustee James Montgomery who said he regretted his previous support for withdrawing Salaita's
Prior to the press conference, a crowd of about 150 protesters gathered in support of Salaita, as part of a planned class
A number of angry e-mails from university donors sent to University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Chancellor Phyllis Wise
Chancellor Phyllis Wise's letter to the campus was a prime example of violent language -- all the more violent because of its calm, rational, removed tone. This is the kind of bureaucratic language that has the power to do much more harm than an angry expletive posted about a war.
The American Association of University Professors' Illinois committee on Wednesday issued a statement describing the professor's