Steven Shehori

The issue: Privacy concerns. Employees working from home can leave businesses vulnerable to everything from data loss to
"What's the big deal about slowing down the Earth's rotation?" I hear you asking. Short answer: plenty. Think about it: One
I Am Legend Where to find it: Netflix DVD The cast: Will Smith, a dog, buncha zombies The synopsis: "Years after a plague
Snakes on a Plane Where to find it: Amazon The cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Nathan Phillips, Julianna Margulies The synopsis
Why would anyone want to cancel Christmas? Short answer: metrics. The Yuletide season is way down in the key 18-34 demo. Plus
So much so that heightened abilities in the field of mathematics (recognition of algorithms, numerical patterns and the like
I discovered this recently upon receiving a text from the coach of a local college basketball team -- by accident.
An estimated 58% of white voters in the 2016 election cast a ballot for Donald Trump. And since the stunning election results of November 8, there's been a growing narrative that seeks to explain why they flocked to him in droves.
Quicksand! It's a long shot, but you may just come face to face with quicksand someday. Or rather, you'll be torso-deep in
Weatherproofing Another thing to consider purchasing: rain-repellant coating for your car's windows. It can significantly