Herpes and other STIs don’t mean your dating life is over.
And the highest infection rate is among older men.
It could have harmful and inaccurate information about sexual health.
“Never before has a mosquito-borne virus been capable of sexual transmission.”
We treat herpes as a punishment or a punchline, when really it's a simple fact of being a sexually active person.
April is STD Awareness Month. The new term for STD is STI -- sexually transmitted infection -- to focus on the infection rather than the disease it could lead to. One way to mark the occasion is to get tested for HIV and thus help eradicate the stigma.
The city reported nearly 700 syphilis cases last year.
In November 2013, someone got into contact with Bery, said she had just finished her studies as a journalist, told him she
Thoughts. Also, dudes: The size of your dick is almost completely irrelevant. Unless it's really teeny or really huge, most