The princes have been candid about sharing their struggles with mental health to help combat the stigma.
Being childless isn’t selfish or automatically an inferior life choice.
Understandably, countless Americans now fear for their safety and that of their loved ones in a society where acts of hatred
Deaths. In 2005, 2 million people died of AIDS; last year there were 1.1 million deaths, including 800,000 Africans (90,000
I have a hearing loss. No big deal, right? But sometimes it is. Why is hearing loss sometimes embarrassing in a way that other conditions like vision loss or mobility challenges are not?
'Hi, my name is Shari and I am excited to be at this conference/retreat/class.' This is how it usually begins. We all go around the room and introduce ourselves, give a reason or two why we are here and it moves onto the next person. But at my most recent retreat, I decided to try something different.
Health insurance providers and employers have historically covered mental health and addiction differently than treatment
With the emergence of fall comes the promise of Halloween and all things pumpkin spice, festive, and spooky. It's no surprise that the people behind the scenes of Knott's Berry Farm carefully curated a new attraction to cater to this season; an attraction to entertain a crowd of consumers.
If it’s not you that has experienced a mental illness, then it’s somebody you know.
The Los Angeles Police Department's motto "To Protect and to Serve" was etched into my mind while I was still a kid living
“It’s all in your head.” “You’re just nervous.” “Take a chill pill.” These are just some of the dismissive comments someone
Society's attitude toward psychological disorders needs to change.
Experiencing violence and hate caused by intolerance of your sexual orientation is devastating. It's even worse when you don't have the option to fully and accurately communicate the incident to the authorities because there's no distinct category for bisexuals.
Bruce Springsteen is talking about his chronic depression. He has worked tirelessly to prevent depression from enveloping him. He had to ignore what people thought, or some belief that he should be able to get better alone.
In boxing, one of the fundamental necessities of the sport is the presence of a good cornerman. In an article written a few years ago providing insight into and describing the sine qua non of the cornerman, the author declared, "he [the cornerman] must be a psychologist, able to assist the fighter through the emotional minefield that is the preparation for combat.
I’m Marc, 24 year old, an Arts & Culture student and I’m from the Netherlands. I have to tell you something, I need to tell
Dear Manager at a NYC Pennsylvania Station Coffee Shop:                 I’m not sure if you remember, but the other day, a
No one is born with stigma. Society assigns it -- much like a suffocating, shrink-wrapped label around someone or some group suddenly deemed the outsider.