still life

Charles Roux’s “Fictitious Feasts” reminds us that reading is a sensory experience.
Roelant Savery, Vase of Flowers in a Stone Niche, 1615, Mauritshuis, The Hague. Acquired with the support of the BankGiro
As an artist with years of mathematical training, I am continuously looking for inspiration and find much in Cézanne's and Einstein's work.
We could most likely define the ultimate dream as a life devoted to passion. For artist Henk Pander, the ultimate dream is a reality, just with a somewhat fantastical twist.
Painter Robert C. Jackson likes things... lots of them. His current show at Gallery Henoch, Tinkering with Reality, is populated by cosmologies of pancakes, donuts, goldfish bowls, apples, oreos, vintage soda crates, and postcards.
According to Hrabi, their work, "hopeful bids for attention in which one's aesthetic and one's ego overlap," now has a name
Click play to take the work in. And, after you finish watching, you'll probably be more than inclined to contemplate the
Photographer Tara Sellios is more than aware of this peculiar phenomenon, using it to lure unsuspecting viewers into her
Film: Touch of Sin (2013) Tian zhu ding Cast includes: Wu Jiang (Dragon), Baoqiang Wang (Blind Shaft), Tao Zhao (Still Life
"I do really get into that small space in the painting. I like the rounded shape of that armpit, that's kind of pleasing to me. Separating the parts of the model from the rest of the body is a way I can claim them and make them my own, and turn them into compositions."
We develop a shorthand version of the visual world in order to navigate through it, but what we see also contains tremendous detail and complexity.
With an art career spanning from 1920 to the 1980s, Alice Neel painted family, poets, singers, bohemians, strangers and celebrities
Do you sense a sexy undertone to these paintings? Let us know in the comments section. The artist's technical skill translates
Her newest exhibition "Nothing Lasts Forever" focuses on subtler objects and their effect on personal memory and identity
2012-03-14-SquareBlockAnthias.jpg American photographer Mark Laita manages to portray the exotic creatures of the oceans as artistic, aesthetic still lives, yielding a dynamic interplay of image and aesthetic.
Garner created an interactive still life that reacts to the movement of the frame. "Still Life" appears to be just another
Robert Minervini's current exhibition is a collection of still lifes which function as pleasant, almost apathetic vanitas