One family's devastating story of pregnancy, stillbirth and grief.
Jessica Zucker's #IHadAMiscarriage campaign breaks down the stigma around pregnancy loss.
The actor wrote that he and his wife, Kimberly, have been through three miscarriages.
Grieving mothers’ campaign to stop stillbirths in Iowa is spreading to other states.
Our country’s ongoing abortion debate influences legal cases involving stillbirth. It doesn’t need to be that way.
Teresa Mendoza opened up about her experience welcoming a baby after loss.
The family decided they’d celebrate William’s life while they could.
Stillbirth is a taboo subject across all levels of society, but if we work together to break the silence and remove the stigma around stillbirth, we will be better equipped to further the care needed to improve stillbirth outcomes for all involved.
I just don’t want people to dismiss our first son.
There is a stigma in our society that we shouldn't talk about our children who have died. Maybe it makes other people uncomfortable or maybe people don't truly understand unless they, too, experience a pregnancy or child loss.
As a mom to a daughter that was stillborn two-and-a-half years ago, I still think about her all the time.
Those little flutters in a pregnant woman's stomach aren't always just the baby kicking. They're also a mocktail of excitement, joy and plenty of nervous energy. Have you felt them before?
I have spent my entire life in and around the Charlotte area. My parents were both raised here. I stayed here in the Queen
How do you overcome the void that such a loss has left, not only in the womb but also in the heart?
Every day during her third trimester, without fail, Katie counted the kicks of her unborn son. He was an active baby that was always on the move, until one day Katie noticed that within the hour it took to normally get ten kicks, she only got four.
While our attention is rightly focused on vaccine development, mosquito control, and other measures to prevent the spread of Zika, it is also important that we in the public health community identify optimal approaches to treat and care for the generation of children exposed to the virus in the womb.