The Album of the Year nominee reportedly wasn't asked to perform solo. But there was plenty of airtime for Sting.
The new nonprofit champions victims of what’s called the “rainforest Chernobyl.”
Just before the Grammy's, I had a chance to speak to Sting, on tour with his new album, 57th and 9th, and J. Ralph about
"We hope to respect the memory as well as the life affirming spirit of those who fell. We shall not forget them."
Sting's hard work and dedication for his latest album is a true testament to his artistry and I encourage you all to check
Even more than Bach, Handel's musical magnificence in his many organ concertos is so openly-scored that the depth and beauty of these concertos can be heard in full on virtually any instrumental configurations.
Outlandos d'Amour (1978) signed by Sting, Andy Summers Reggatta de Blanc (1979) signed by Sting, Andy Summers Synchronicity
A Conversation with Tierney Sutton Mike Ragogna: Tierney, let’s start with a little bit of your history. You collaborated