Stock Act

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Katie Porter propose a bill requiring lawmakers, Cabinet officials and their families to disclose when they apply for federal funds.
Donald Trump's nominee for Health and Human Services secretary invested in health care companies while working on legislation to help them.
The Stock Act's author explains the insider trading law will be extremely difficult for the next president to follow if he keeps his businesses.
This Law Is The Greatest Threat To Trump
A 2012 law called the Stock Act poses a huge threat to Trump if he or his children keep their businesses because anything he knows privately as president that affects his business could be a violation.
A review of lawmakers' recent financial disclosure forms finds that those facts have not made Rio Tinto a toxic stock for
Cantor, who was defeated by tea party-backed Dave Brat in a Republican primary election, is joining investment bank Moelis
As the revolving door spins faster than ever between jobs in government and corporate America, information and who you know are the currency that gets you through the tollgate, information that paying clients then use for ever greater profits and a competitive edge.
"He's basically saying I'm special, my family's special under law," Brat said, "and we get to do this and you don't. I can't
Smith added that while the bill "may seem minor," he hopes it could signal a larger shift in Republican attention to campaign