stock market

Stronger-than-expected profit reports have been one of the main reasons U.S. stock indexes jumped through May to records following their tough April.
The video game retailer’s stock price more than doubled at the morning bell – apparently fueled by a meme of a video gamer leaning forward.
The company's stock value tanked 18% after it announced a plan to add more shares.
The share price of Trump's company plunged this week, days after its stock market debut.
The "Tonight Show" host mocked the former president's effort to take credit for the market upswing.
The former president claimed his polls against Biden are "so good that investors are projecting that I will win, and that will drive the market up."
The Dow jumped 512 points, or 1.4%, to top 37,000 and surpass its prior peak of 36,799.65 set at the start of last year.
Powell’s speech highlighted the uncertainties surrounding the economy and the complexity of the Fed’s response to it.
Fed officials have said they expect at least one more increase this year and then for the benchmark rate to stay elevated through at least early 2024.
Lawmakers and watchdogs think House leadership is trying to tank a ban on congressional stock trading: “It would please the voters but hurt their wallets.”