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One Twitter user asked the president: "Why is it when the economy is doing well it’s because of you, and when it is tanking, it is because of someone else?"
Washington designated Beijing a currency manipulator and further rattled fragile investor sentiment in a rapid escalation of the U.S.-China trade war.
President Trump's favorite market indicator doesn't tell the whole story.
Here's how to prepare for the inevitable economic downturn.
The President also said today's stock market plunge was a long awaited "correction."
The Fox News host railed against the president for saying the stock market would crash if he were impeached.
Views of the economy are often filtered through a distinctly partisan lens.
“Remember when Donald Trump told us we’d be tired of winning? Well, evidently the stock market is exhausted."
"Not for one second did I think people would believe that to be genuine," its creator said.
More company executives are leaving President Donald Trump’s manufacturing advisory board, in protest of his delay to condemn the white supremacism displayed in Charlottesville.
The prevailing stock market ideology enriches value extractors, not value creators.
I come in peace. I have been hard on you in the past. At times, I was insensitive to the fact that you are husbands, wives