Stock photography

The president has a new problem with stock photos.
A person on Twitter dug up a collection of stock photos that are the epitome of shook.
In stock shots, East Asian–Americans are often peripheral characters or stereotypes like doctors and students.
The woman from that "Westworld" photo is now on the show, and everything just got more interesting.
Discarding gender stereotypes, new collections feature male nurses and stay-at-home dads, along with guys who wear makeup and jewelry.
June 21st, 2015 wasn't just Father's day or the Summer Solstice (if you're in the appropriate hemisphere), there was another event celebrated officially for the very first time on June 21st of this year: The International Day of Yoga.
Human flight is a modern-day miracle. One day we were staring at the birds longing for their high-flying freedom; the next
Lie’s works build from photographs, but he is careful to note that he is not a photographer. “I am a digital artist,” he
Say hello to springtime. Love and cherry blossoms are in the air: This post originally appeared on the 500px ISO blog. Below