For the first time, Stockholm and Gothenburg co-hosted the international LGBTQ celebration.
"If your solutions are progressive solutions, I think that’s OK."
Could there be a greater goal than hygge vibes?
Convictions could increase a patient’s stress and anxiety, interrupt treatment and hamper recovery.
Researchers say it's partly because of Donald Trump.
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STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN—Stockholm is aligned with the Swedish government in its belief that climate change is one of the world’s
People have been wondering what the city’s secret recipe is for making carbon emissions disappear.
Sweden has dropped rape charges made against Julian Assange. But the Wikileaks founder still faces significant legal obstacles, for his part in the release of more than 250,000 classified documents in 2010.
HB4, Relating to Health, is up before the Hawaii State Legislature’s Conference Committee tomorrow. Unfortunately, as currently
Rakhmat Akilov is accused of hijacking a beer truck that mowed down pedestrians on Friday before crashing into a department store.
"This shows that there is a strength in Sweden that nobody can take away from us,” Prime Minister Stefan Lofven said.