Silva also allegedly provided alcohol to minors.
We've all been through droughts and come out the other side, breathed a sigh of relief, and turned our hoses back on. This one has a new factor, an uncertainty over whether this is a California drought with a limited life, or climate change and a look at the new facts of life in California.
"I’d seen a car come flying real fast ... He was going like 60, 70 miles per hour,” he said. "He turned the corner so fast
According to USA Today, homicide and gang unit detectives were called to the scene to investigate. The authorities have yet
There are still a million foreclosures and bank-owned properties, with 8.1 million people who are currently underwater on their homes.
When war comes home, we see pandemonium where deliberation might have saved innocent lives. Heightening the alarm in an already-alarming scene reduces the chances of a peaceful resolution.
Stockton, Calif., Mayor Anthony Silva is determined to put an end to homelessness in his city, but before he could make any
Even without knowing the outcome, did you have a clear idea how you wanted to contextualize the campaign? When you were younger
Tubbs spoke about bridging the gap between the "narrative around what it meant, what options in life and opportunities there